Clinical Practice

NeuroComp's primary development objective was to provide highly innovative systems and services to meet the electronic data acquisition needs of academic researchers and industry-sponsored clinical trials. However, we also recognize the clinical utility that our systems may also offer to private clinical practitioners or health maintenance organizations (HMOs) across a wide spectrum of the healthcare system.

As electronic medical records (EMR) have increasingly become the standard for the healthcare industry, direct Electronic Data Capture (dEDCTM) of a wide range of neurocognitive, behavioral and psychiatric assessments, at the point of patient contact, significantly streamlines the acquisition of these data for integration into existing EMR systems. Perhaps even more importantly, the availability of a comprehensive set of assessment instruments on one uniform computerized platform represents a significant cost savings for any clinical practitioner who might otherwise spend considerable time and resources ordering, assembling and scoring the many, varied, paper-based tests that generally comprise a traditional assessment battery. As such, NeuroComp is pleased to provide both CMINDS® and ClinTabTM to integrate into existing EMR systems and replace extensive paper-based assessment instruments for individual clinicians, as well as multi-site HMO networks. In addition to the installation and training on the use of these systems, NeuroComp technicians and project managers will also work closely with your own IT personnel to ensure seamless, secure integration.