Computerized Multiphasic Interactive Neurocognitive DualDisplay System

Simplified Test Administration: PathLokTM

CMINDS® features a highly simplified control structure known as PathLokTM. Standard administration procedures for most neurocognitive tests often differ widely with respect to the demands on the Examiner. Accordingly, extensive, specialized training is typically required for an Examiner to achieve proficiency with PathLokTM Operation, however, the Examiner is only required to become familiar with one basic administration routine that remains constant across all tests on CMINDS®. All tests can be administered by clicking on a sequence of three control buttons:

  1. Instructions: triggers the presentation of digitally recorded human-voice instructions.
  2. Do Example: activates a scored example to assess the subject's ability to correctly perform the given task.
  3. Start Test: initiates the actual assessment.

Control buttons enabled during a session include:

  1. Pause: records the amount of time that the test is paused and requires the examiner to specify a reason for the test interruption.
  2. Cancel: allows a test to be ended prior to completion and also requires the examiner to provide a reason for the test cancellation.



PathLokTM Operation ensures that individual tests comprising a battery are automatically sequenced according to the requirements of the resident protocol, thus reducing the potential for examiner errors in test administration.

Standardized Instructions with Digitally Recorded Human Voice

All CMINDS® test instructions and aural test content (e.g. AVLT) are presented in high-quality, digitally-recorded, human voice. This ensures consistency and standardization in administration. Aural instructions are identical across testing sessions and across sites. The high vocal clarity is demonstrated in the example sound files (below). This delicate balance was carefully attained to ensure that subjects with significant impairments could readily follow the instructions as presented, while subjects without such impairments would not feel insulted. While such qualities are often taken for granted by Examiners who traditionally deliver instructions to a wide array of subjects with variable levels of impairment, these qualities were an essential determinant in the selection of the voice-over specialist for CMINDS®.

In addition to the insturctions that are given at the beginning of each test, voice files are also triggered automatically to present prompts or corrections, as required during the administration of various tests (e.g., Trails A & B). Of course, the interactive nature of an assessment session may also require the examiner to provide additional assistance. The unique interface readily accommodates such interactions, allowing the Examiner to monitor the subject's performance in real-time, pause the assessment, and repeat or supplement the recorded instructions, as needed, to ensure that the data collected is an accurate reflection of the subject's true performance abilities.