Computerized Multiphasic Interactive Neurocognitive DualDisplay System

Over 30 Test Instruments on One Platform

  • CMINDS® hosts an exceptionally wide range of cognitive and behavioral instruments, supporting assessment of many disorders and conditions including: Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, traumatic brain injury (TBI), neurotoxicological insult, stroke, HIV encephalopathy and other acquired brain disorders.

CMINDS Test Instruments

The CMINDS® Master Set is comprised of the most widely-applied "Gold-Standard" tests with an extensive history of application and for which extensive psychometric characterization exists. The CMINDS® Master Set offers the largest master set of neurocognitive assessment instruments of any computerized system. This enables the widest range of applicability, extending from tests designed for detecting subtle developmental disorders to tests specifically designed for detecting and characterizing specific disorders.

While other computerized testing systems offer novel tests with constructs purportedly similar to standard paper-based tests, CMINDS® offers tests that are designed to be identical to the traditional instruments from which they are derived. This capacity is unique to the DualDisplayTM architecture that enables computerized administration of a wide array of response capture capabilities while maintaining the interactive nature of a traditional assessment session. Moreover, equivalent face validity ensures test/retest reliability indistinguishable from or even superior to the paper-based antecedents.