Computerized Multiphasic Interactive Neurocognitive DualDisplay System

Battery Designer Utility Supports Flexible

Configurations for Multiple Studies

Many contemporary study designs require greater flexibility in the sequencing of assessments across multiple visits than most other available systems can provide. With CMINDS®, however, the protocol may include a different battery of assessments at each study visit with a customizable counter-balancing schema for the rotation of alternate test versions, across visits and between subjects, to control for any potential confounding of study results. This capability is provided through an integrated Battery Designer Utility which enables selection of any number of tests from the CMINDS® Master Set, configured for unique sequencing of alternate versions across subjects or visits. The customization of complex sequencing may include version rotation schedules which may be:

  1. Fixed across subjects or sessions
  2. Randomly sequenced
  3. Pseudorandom (so that no identical versions are given to the same subject at adjacent visits)
  4. Uniquely configured to ensure a custom counterbalancing design

Contemporary clinical trial and research study designs may also require specialized batteries of cognitive tests that target putative disease mechanisms or constructs. The Battery Designer Utility provides the flexibility of customizing a specific battery to target just one or multiple cognitive domains depending on the hypothesized mechanisms targeted by the investigational compound. Furthermore, this capability will allow for the selection of either brief screening batteries or more comprehensive assessment sessions, depending on the specific needs or time limitations of a given protocol.

CMINDS® also features the capability of selecting a specific study protocol upon login to administer the unique battery configured for that study. In this manner, multiple studies may be enabled on one system, each with a resident battery that is configured for a unique sequence across visits. Similarly, when used in a private clinic, this feature may also be utilized as a means of designing custom assessment batteries for specific cognitive domains or diagnostic categories (e.g., "Memory Assessments" or "Attention Battery" or "Schizophrenia" or "Traumatic Brain Injury"). As such, the Battery Designer Utility allows CMINDS® to be used in a variety of application-specific contexts without requiring multiple computers to serve disparate purposes for clinical trials, research protocols, or private clinical evaluations.