Computerized Multiphasic Interactive Neurocognitive DualDisplay System

Integrated Examiner Training Module

The CMINDS® Examiner Training Module (ETM) is the first of its kind to enable remote, multimedia-based, on-system training and certification. It is designed to achieve a high level of examiner competency in assessing subjects.

In practice, the ETM is activated upon the first log-in attempt of a user.

The ETM is comprised of:

  1. 1) Didactic materials, including test administration procedures and trial orientation. These include automated, multimedia-based demonstrations of all system functions. For each CMINDS® instrument, there is a brief overview including cognitive domain(s) assessed, test content outline, and a detailed review of administration and scoring procedures.
  2. 2) Content quizzes to confirm retention of materials in #1.
  3. 3) Simulated "virtual" subject (VS) assessment in which the prospective examiner is required to apply materials learned in the training modules (1&2 above). VS assessment requires the prospective examiner to successfully administer one or more tests as if testing an actual subject. "Assessment" of a virtual subject consists of performing exactly the same steps as in an actual assessment. The virtual subject responds to all test queries in whatever modality is required, including verbally and graphically. For example, in the AVLT training module, the virtual subject reads back lists of words, just as a real subject would. Further, the VS emulates a range of common, within-session contingencies that may arise when assessing patients with a variety of impairments.

If the prospective examiner fails to meet a predefined level of proficiency, he or she is required to assess another virtual subject. The prospective examiner's performance is quantified and required for certification.

ETM Diagram